After listening to much harsh noise and trance in mid-2010, 19 year old Alex J Thomas started experimenting with the idea of trying to get a harsh noise feel from synthesizers. What started as a vague idea eventually turned into Dairyola, a unique musical experience that doesn’t comfortably fit any genre.


Dairyola's debut release One With Nature was made available on November 27, 2010. One With Nature is nearly 7 minutes of free improv created with nothing but a laptop in the woods of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.


Soon after the release of One With Nature, Dairyola announced plans to release a full length album, State Of Mind, in 2011. On January 3, 2011, Dairyola’s MySpace, Facebook, and official website announced State Of Mind would be released free of charge through a netlabel.

Dairyola's second release was the full length album State Of Mind released through proc-records on January 15, 2011.


Dairyola’s groundbreaking new sound is like a breath of fresh air from today’s stagnant music scene. Only time will tell what this creative, young artist will do next.